King Henry v summary

King Henry v summary

The king Henry V summary deals with the theme of warfare. It revolves around Henry 5 claim to the throne of France and his subsequent conquest of it which ends in his marriage to the French Princess Katherine. The play is significant for its rousing battle speeches which Henry makes at Hafleur and Agincourt which have become world famous even today. The play makes use of extensive war imagery depicting Henry as a skilful military strategist and motivating leader. Henry the v is the third installment in Shakespeare tetralogy that deals with the coming of age of the unruly Hal as a matured and skilful ruler.

King Henry V Summary act I

While The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of Ely praise the new Kings ability of being a good monarch, they worry over his support to a new bill introduced by the church. A French ambassador arrives from France.

The King enters and discusses the issue of Salic law with the Archbishop over his right to claim the throne of France. The Archbishop states that the law doesn’t apply in his case and as such he has every right to the French throne.

The Archbishop promises all support to Henry’s campaign. The King then declares to the court that even as they will invade France they must prepare to defend England against possible rebellion by the Scots. A discussion ensues among Henry’s advisors present as to what strategy should be adopted in such a matter. Before allowing the French ambassador in, Henry decides he will invade and conquer France. The ambassador relays a message from the Dauphin of France that Henry’s claim to the throne is rejected but is willing to give Henry a gift of tennis balls instead. Henry dismisses the ambassador telling him to warn the dauphin he is coming to France to wage war where his tennis balls shall be converted to cannon balls for his mockery of the English monarch.

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