King Henry v summary

King Henry v summary

King Henry V Summary Act II

The second act begins with Bardolf stopping a fight between corporal Nym and Pistol who has married Nym’s old flame the hostess Nell Quickly. Pistol suggests Nym leave his wife alone and court Doll Tearsheet instead. A page rushes in saying they should come to John Falstaff who has taken ill much to the amusement of the others who claim it is the result of the king’s denial of Falstaff.

Henry uncovers a plot to assassinate him. The conspirators, the Earl of Cambridge, Lord Scroop and Thomas Grey are brought before the King not knowing that he has been informed of their treachery. Henry cleverly gets them to admit their guilt and subsequently orders their execution for betraying England.

In the French palace, the French king Charles II and the dauphin along with noblemen discusses preparations for the impending battle.

Lord Exeter acting as the English ambassador enters the France court and asks the King to surrender to Henry. He also tells the French King that failure to heed Henry’s claim to the throne will result in war and that the ensuing battle shall be the fault of the French King and the Dauphin. He agrees to give the French King a night to make decision.

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