Henry IV part 2 summary

Henry IV part 2 summary

Henry IV part 2 Summary Act 2

Hostess Quickley of the boars head tavern gets Falstaff arrested by two police officers Fang and Snare. Falstaff and his page resists and a scuffle ensues between the four people. The fight is stopped by the chief justice who demands that Falstaff pay his debts to the Hostess.

A lawyer Gower informs the chief justice that Prince John of Lancaster is leading the King’s army to fight against Northumberland and the Archbishop of York. Falstaff invites Gower to join them in the tavern as he has taken money from Hostess Quickley so he can have dinner with another character introduced in the second play. Doll Tearsheet. The chief justice tells Falstaff he should be joining the battle instead.

Prince Hal confesses to his friend Poins that though he is worried over the Kings health, he might be labeled a hypocrite should he voice his concerns publicly. Hal and Poins plan to disguise themselves and surprise Falstaff at the tavern.

Northumberland requests his wife and his daughter in law for their support against the King. While lady Northumberland suggest he get help from Scottish rebels, Lady Katie Percy instead pleads with him not to wage war. Northumberland prepares to travel north.

A meeting is held between the Archbishop of York, Lord Mowbray Hastings and John Coleville to discuss the strategy of their rebellion.

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