Henry IV part 2 summary

Henry IV part 2 summary

Henry IV part 2 Summary Act 3

The King is extremely weak and ventures out of his bedroom in his nightgown helped by a page. He personifies sleep in a speech explaining his problems and inability to sleep.

How many thousands of my poorest subjects
Are at this hour asleep! O sleep! O gentle sleep!  (act 3. sc1.6-32)

 He sends for the earls of Warwick and Surrey and informs them of the serious note of current affairs surrounding the kingdom. He recalls how the deposed King Richard whom he had overthrown had predicted Northumberland’s betrayal. Warwick gives him good news that the rebel Glendower is dead.

Justices shallow and silence reminiscence about their younger days when they knew Falstaff as a boy. Falstaff enters as he has entrusted justice shallow with the task of choosing men for his army. He releases two of the strongest men Mouldy and Bullcalf who had tried bribing Bardolf earlier to let them go. Falstaff feels the others are more suited and able bodied men.

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