Macbeth Summary



Macbeth Summary ACT 5

Macbeth Summary ACT 5 Scene 1

This scene is set in the palace, where a doctor and a woman talks about Lady Macbeth’s strange activities. They talk about her sleepwalking. Suddenly Lady Macbeth enters the scene with a candle in her hand. She appears guilty and washes off her hands as she finds her hands stained with blood. She also confesses that the blood can never be washed off from her hands. The woman reveals that Lady Macbeth does these type of things frequently.

Macbeth Summary ACT 5 Scene 2

A group of Lord is talking about the war situation. The English army led by Malcolm are approaching to attack. Macbeth is ready with his defense and he is mad with anger.

Macbeth Summary ACT 5 Scene 3

The scene is set in Macbeth’s castle, where Macbeth fearlessly declares that he isn’t afraid because no one born from the woman can kill him, neither he needs to feel worried until Birnam wood comes to Dunsinane. Macbeth feels like wearing his armor, as he was informed by his servant Seyton, that a group of ten thousand rebels is approaching his place. He was also informed by the Doctor that Lady Macbeth isn’t well, and he ordered him to cure her disease.

Macbeth Summary ACT 5 Scene 4

The scene shifts to the country near Birnam Wood, where Malcolm and the English Lord Siward are discussing Macbeth’s defense plans. They decided to cover themselves with branches of the forest in order to conceal their numbers.

Macbeth Summary ACT 5 Scene 5

Macbeth ordered to hang his flag outside the castle. He feels that his castle is strong enough to keep the enemies away till they die of hunger and disease. He boasts that, if his men wouldn’t have joined the enemy and he would have definitely challenged them. He is informed by the servant that Lady Macbeth has died. Later a messenger informs him that Birnam Wood is moving towards Dunsinane. Macbeth is terrified and worried as the witches prophesied that he shouldn’t fear until Birnam wood moves.

Macbeth Summary ACT 5 Scene 6

The rebel army arrived near Macbeth’s castle and the battle started. Malcolm orders the army to throw off the branches and take the swords and show who they are. They are ready with the attack.

Macbeth Summary ACT 5 Scene 7

Macbeth declares that he have to stand and fight like a bear till the end, he will not fear until he meets the man not born from a woman. Young Siward enters and challenged Macbeth and was killed.

Macbeth Summary ACT 5 Scene 8

Macduff searches for the tyrant Macbeth, whom he wants to kill himself. Macbeth and Macduff encounter each other. They started fighting and Macbeth boasted that he can’t be killed by anyone who is born from a woman. Macduff reveals that he isn’t born from a woman and he was born untimely by cutting off his mother’s womb. This feared Macbeth as he sees his end, but he decided to continue fighting.

Malcolm’s army ultimately won and Malcolm along with Siward walks inside the castle. Ross enters and informed Siward that his Son is dead while fighting bravely with Macbeth. Macduff enters with Macbeth’s head in his hand declaring Malcolm as King of Scotland, he along with all others cheers for Malcolm and their victory over tyrant and his tyranny.

Malcolm declares that all the thanes will be promoted and all the evil ministers of the dead tyrant “Macbeth” will be brought to justice. He also declares that all the people who fled Scotland due to the evil rule will be brought back to Scotland again.

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