Romeo and Juliet Summary Act IV

Despite meeting Paris who informs her of the wedding on Thursday, Juliet shuns him. Friar Lawrence gives Juliet an idea suggesting she take a potion prepared by him which will induce within her a death like slumber and this could help Romeo to carry her body without opposition from anyone to the Capulet family burial ground at Mantua.

Meanwhile Capulet makes ready the wedding plans. Juliet agrees to the friars plans and pretends to agree to the weeding. An overjoyed Capulet decides to hold the marriage a day forward being the next day which is Wednesday instead. While in privacy, Juliet drinks the potion which has its death like effect.

When Paris arrives at 3am, Lady Capulet and Juliet’s nurse go to her chamber to wake her from sleep only to find her in the death like slumber. Believing her to be dead, the entire house goes into mourning and makes plans for a funeral instead.

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