Comedy of errors summary

Comedy of errors summary

Comedy of Errors summary Act IV

The goldsmith and merchant demand payment form Antipholus of Ephesus for the gold chain but he denies receiving anything and tells them to ask his wife for the payment.The merchant has both men arrested.

When Dromio of Syracuse returns on the scene with news of a boat he is sent instead to the Ephesians’ house to get a bag of gold for his bail. Although fearing the cook, a confused Dromio does as he is instructed.

At home Luciana comforts Adriana saying the loss of her husband isn’t worth it as he was trying to make love to her instead. Adriana cries out, ‘My heart prays for him, though my tongue does curse!’ (act iv, sc ii, 25-28)

Dromio hurries with the money only to meet Antipholus of Syracuse instead who feels both men are suffering from delusions and should leave Ephesus immediately. The courtesan sees them and demands the chain saying he had promised it to her in exchange for her ring. They flee the hysterical and angry courtesan.

The courtesan thinking Antipholus to be mad plans to tell all to Adriana and get the chain from her instead. In another scene the Ephesian is then seen walking with the guard when his own servant Dromio walks in with a rope. When Antipholus of Ephesus demands the money instead, Dromio is confused again and his denial of the instruction gets him a beating.

Adriana and Luciana arrive on the scene. Suspecting Antipholus of Ephesus to be possessed by spirits they subject him to an exorcism. He gets infuriated and violent upon which Adrian instructs her followers to bind him for fear of hurting himself. While he is taken away, Antipholus of Syracuse is suddenly seen charging down the road with sword in hand, Adriana is frightened at the sight and thinking her husband is a raving lunatic flees the scene, she is recognized by them and they swear to leave Ephesus.

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