Comedy of errors summary

Comedy of errors summary

Comedy of errors summary Act II

Dromio exclaims to Adriana that Antipholus having gone mad denies he has a wife and was accusing him of stealing. Hearing This Adriana assumes he is having an affair and commands Dromio to bring him back forcefully failing which she would whip him.

Dromio quotes interesting wordplay to Adriana’s warnings saying

“Am I so round with you, as you with me, / that like a football you do spurn me thus?” (act ii, sc i.82-85)

Antipholus finds his money safe and returns to the market place where he meets his own servant Dromio of Syracuse. He chides him for jesting with him earlier making up stories of a wife calling him to dinner. When Dromio denies such allegations an infuriated Antipholus begins to beat him when Adriana and Luciana arrive on the scene.

She rebukes Antipholus of Syracuse for publicly disowning her accusing him of infidelity with another woman; Antipholus vehemently denies all accusations claiming he had never even seen her in his life as he had just arrived in Ephesus.

When Dromio also denies having ever seen Adriana she suspects both master and slave are conniving against her. She tries to coax Antipholus who now feels he may have wedded her in a dream and proceeds to follow her.

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