Twelfth night summary

Twelfth night summary

Twelfth Night Summary Act III

Cesario (Viola) meets with Olivia again. Despite of Cesario trying to convince her not to love him, she will not be deterred. She admits that the ring was a ploy to make him return

Meanwhile a depressed Sir Andrew Aguecheek plans to leave knowing he can never get Olivia. Sir Toby and Fabian convince him to challenge Cesario to a duel knowing full well that both are incapable of dueling. Meanwhile Maria is all smiles in letting the men know that Malvolio is actually wearing yellow cross gartered stocking for Olivia’s supposed benefit. They should come and watch the comic spectacle

 Antonio explains to Sebastian why is he still wanted for theft in Illyria and gives his wallet to Sebastian saying to meet him in a boarding house called ‘the elephant’

Olivia now smitten by Cesario plans to woo him. However, she sees Malvolio dressed in the comical way and calls him mad because even as she is rude with him he still misinterprets her words as love for him. She likens his condition to ‘midsummer madness’ and tells her servants to take him away. Instead, Sir Toby, Maria and Fabian, Olivia’s servant plans to have fun with him.

Sir Toby’s devilish scheme of planning a duel between Cesario and Sir Andrew Aguecheek succeeds and they duel each other. In a comical twist, Antonio arrives on the scene and thinking cesario to be Sebastian he fights Sir Andrew on his behalf but Antonio is captured by Officers. When he asks Cesario for his purse, he feels Sebastian’s has tricked him.

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