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Macbeth Summary ACT 3

Macbeth Summary ACT 3 Scene 1

In the Scene, we find Banquo talking with himself, that Macbeth now has everything that the three witches prophesied. He became thane of Cawdor and also King. He doubts that Macbeth cheated to attain the crown. According to witches prophesy Macbeth’s descendants won’t become King and it is him (Banquo), whose sons and grandsons will overtake the throne. So if witches prophesy related to Macbeth turned out to be true, then the prophecy related to him will also to true.

In the midst of such thoughts, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth enters and requested Banquo to attend the feast. Banquo accepted the invitation and declares that in the afternoon he will have to go out on his horse. After Banquo’s departure, Macbeth is left alone with his servant. They talk about some men, who is waiting for Macbeth. The servant was then asked to let the visitors in.

When the servant departs, Macbeth had his soliloquy, Macbeth fears Banquo because of his nobility and a clear conscience. He thinks himself as “fruitless crown” because he won’t have any legal heir according to witches prophecy and Banquo will be the father of the line of kings. He feels that the crime he committed by murdering King Duncan will favor Banquo and his Son.

The servant enters again with two men, who were murderers, whom Macbeth hired. Macbeth manipulates them to murder Banquo because he has done many wrongs to them. He asked them, whether they are courageous and manly enough to undertake this responsibility, to which the murderers responded that they will do the task. Macbeth also orders them to kill Fleance, Banquo’s son as well.

Macbeth Summary ACT 3 Scene 2

Lady Macbeth asks the servant to call Macbeth. She expressed her despair because of Macbeth’s activity. According to her, it is better to be the person who has been murdered than to be the person, who murders and lives in fear and anxiety. Lady Macbeth asks her husband, why he is keeping himself so reserved and not interacting with others. Macbeth reveals that they haven’t yet killed the snake completely and still his throne is under threat. Macbeth talks about his dreadful plan but didn’t completely reveal it. He asks Lady Macbeth to take good care of Banquo in the feast.

Macbeth Summary ACT 3 Scene 3

The scene is set outside the palace where the two murderers, now joined by the third waits for Banquo and his son Fleance. They hear them coming and attacked them. Banquo dies, but Fleance manages to escape. The murderers then leave to report Macbeth, the duty they accomplished.

Macbeth Summary ACT 3 Scene 4

The feast started and Macbeth along with Lady Macbeth joins it. When Macbeth was entertaining his guests, the first murderer appeared. Macbeth gets to know from the murderer that Banquo is killed but Fleance escaped, which worried him because Fleance should die, in order to secure his position. Macbeth returns to the guest and encountered Banquo’s ghost, which is invisible for everyone else except him, making him horror struck.

Macbeth started talking with the ghost, which shocked the guests. Lady Macbeth tries to calm down the situation, by telling that her husband occasionally have such strange vision, and there is nothing to worry. Banquo’s ghost disappeared and Macbeth calmed down the guests and urged them to continue with the feast. Banquo’s ghost reappeared before Macbeth again making him terrified and speak to something that is invisible to everybody else. Lady Macbeth asked the guests to leave, saying that her husband is getting worse tonight and he will continue to worsen if he talks.

After the guest left, Macbeth reveals that Macduff kept himself away from court and its an act of treason. He further says that he will go to meet witches again, to learn more about his future. He will do everything necessary to save his throne.

Macbeth Summary ACT 3 Scene 5

The scene is set under the sound of thunder, where Hecate, the Goddess of witchcraft meets three witches. Hecate is angry on three witches because they tricked Macbeth, out of her knowledge. She says that Macbeth will again come tomorrow and they must be prepared with spirits and visions to make him think that he is immortal and bigger than fate. Three witches leave to carry on the order by Hecate.

Macbeth Summary ACT 3 Scene 6

In this scene, Lennox is found talking with another Lord. They were discussing the miserable plight of Scotland. They suspect Macbeth, for killing King Duncan and Banquo and framing false evidence against their sons. They refer Macbeth as “Tyrant” and holds him responsible for whatever bad that is happening in Scotland. The Lord says that Macduff went to meet Malcolm in England, where he will join him in forming an alliance with King Edward. Both Lennox and lord hopes that Malcolm and Macduff be victorious against Macbeth and free Scotland from the cruel tyrant.

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