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Macbeth Summary ACT 2

Macbeth Summary ACT 2 Scene 1

The scene is set in a terrible night, where Banquo and Fleance are seen walking and talking with each other. Banquo talks about terrible night and bad dreams that he is having, suddenly he hears someone coming and discovers that it is Macbeth. He tells Macbeth that king is in deep sleep and he was in a great mood. He bestowed many rewards to his servants and Lady. Banquo also reveals that he dreamt about the witches, whose prophecy were partly true. Macbeth replied that he doesn’t think about witches anymore, but he would definitely like to talk more about it later.

Banquo along with Fleance leaves and Macbeth had the hallucination of Dagger, floating in the air. The handle of the dagger was pointing towards his hand, while its blade was stained with blood. Macbeth tries to hold it, but he wasn’t able to do that. He believes that blood stained dagger pointing towards Duncan is merely an illusion of the crime that he is going to commit. Macbeth resolves not the step back and when the bell rang, which was a signal for him, he continued with his bloody task.

Macbeth Summary ACT 2 Scene 2

The scene starts with Lady Macbeth talking with herself. She says that she has drugged servants guarding King Duncan and Macbeth must be doing his task now. Suddenly she hears Macbeth’s voice and fears that Servants woke up and their mission has failed. It will be terrible if they attempted but failed to kill King Duncan. She would have killed King Duncan herself if her face wouldn’t have resembled his father. She sees her husband coming with a blood-stained dagger.

Macbeth reveals that he has successfully completed his task. While killing King Duncan, he saw one of the servant utter “God bless us” and another saying “Amen” in their sleep. He was unable to say AMEN, as his voice stuck in his throat. Lady Macbeth tries to strengthen the spirit of Macbeth, by saying that it would be foolish to think about it, this way, otherwise it would drive them crazy.

Macbeth further reveals that he has heard the voice “Sleep no more, Macbeth has murdered sleep”. Lady Macbeth again tries to strengthen Macbeth but she becomes angry when she discovers that Macbeth didn’t leave the dagger in the room, which would act as a false evidence against sleeping servants. Macbeth is scared to go to the room again as he can’t bear the sight of his bloody deed.

Lady Macbeth turned furious and told Macbeth to give her the dagger, which she would put behind servants. She will also smear their face with Duncan’s blood and make it appear that they have killed him. Macbeth hears the sound of knocking the door and was advised by Lady Macbeth to wash off his hands and wear night gown. Lady Macbeth declares that her hands are as red as Macbeth, but she isn’t behaving in a cowardly manner.

Macbeth Summary ACT 2 Scene 3

This scene provides a comic relief after the murder of King Duncan. A drunk porter, who thinks himself as gateman of hell, does a comic act. He opened the gate to let Macduff and Lennox in and revealed that he was drinking till 3 A.M. Porter makes several comic remarks about drinking, saying that drinking makes nose red, puts one to sleep and makes one urinate. Drinking stimulates desires and hinders performance. Macduff then asked for Macbeth.

Macbeth enters the scene and they greeted each other. Macduff announced that King Duncan asked him to wake him up at an early hour. Macduff left, to wake King Duncan in the meantime Lennox discussed the dreadful and chaotic night that passed. Macduff reenters the scene with great misery and announced the death of King Duncan.

O horror, horror, horror!
Tongue nor heart cannot conceive nor name thee!

Macbeth and Lennox rushed in the room, where King Duncan was sleeping. Meanwhile, Lady Macbeth and Banquo, Donalbain, Malcolm are all awake. Macbeth revealed that he has killed the culprits who murdered the King. Macduff turns out to be suspicious about Macbeth’s act of killing the servants. Donalbain and Malcolm judging the situation decided to leave Scotland, because the person who murdered their father, will certainly attack them as well.

Macbeth Summary ACT 2 Scene 4

Ross and an Old man enter the scene, they talked about the dreadful night that passed. They have never seen such a horrible night with unnatural darkness. They discuss the unnatural happenings that occurred. Macduff enters the scene and reveals that Macbeth is getting crowned. He further adds that the guards on duty killed the King and they were probably paid by Malcolm and Donalbain because they fled away. Macduff declared that he will go to Fife and Ross will go to see the coronation of the new king. They bid farewell to each other and left.

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