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Macbeth is the lead character of one of the most famous amongst of all Shakespeare Plays, Macbeth. While thinking about the character of Macbeth, we struggle with different thoughts and opinions. Initially, we get the picture of his brave character, who defeated a big army. We can see his devotion towards his country, he really deserves the title of thane of Cawdor. Even King Duncan has no doubt about his patriotism and bravery.

Another angle of the character of Macbeth is when we see his over ambitious nature when he hears the prophecy by three witches, that he will be the future king. It is so obvious that anyone would be filled with Joy upon listening to unpredictable fruitful things, but in Macbeth’s case, he continues to think more and more about it. From the moment he met three witches, his sole purpose in life was to become King.

Another angle of the character of Macbeth is his inner struggle throughout the play. He acknowledges that King Duncan is a great ruler and that he is free from any sort of corruption, kind and caring, a perfect example of a great king. He understands that by murdering King Duncan, he will be giving his soul in the hands of the devil. But still under the influence of his wife, Lady Macbeth, and his own ambition, he kills King Duncan.

We can see Macbeth’s guilt and struggle when he had the hallucination of a dagger and when he sees the ghost of Banquo. He had a clear idea of his sins but yet he continues with it, which is partly due to his weak character and partly due to the influence of his wife.

William Shakespeare, while portraying the character of Macbeth, had a good man with weak character in mind. A man who can be easily influenced. A man whose ambition controls his action, irrespective of how bloody and filthy is the action.

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