Category: Literary devices

Literary devices are the methods employed by writers, to achieve special effect in their narrative. There are several types of literary devices like flashback and dramatic irony, which is used much often in drama, films and sometimes in poetry as well. Find important literary devices with complete meaning.

protagonist definition meaning example


Protagonist Definition & Meaning A Protagonist is used by writers as the central character of his plays. Entire plot revolves around him and his activity determines further development of the story. He doesn’t necessarily...

poetic justice

Poetic Justice

Poetic Justice meaning Poetic justice is employed by writers to make sure that good is rewarded and bad is punished at the end of the play. It is important to bring out the moral...

dramatic irony

Dramatic Irony

Meaning of Dramatic Irony Dramatic Irony is a situation when, the audience or reader knows the exact situation of the play, while the characters in the play is unaware of the situation. This is...