Henry iv part 1 Summary Act IV

Hotspurs father Sir Henry Percy of Northumberland withdraws from the ensuing battle owing to illness weakening the rebel ranks. Sir Richard Vernon reports to Hotspur that Glendower’s forces will take time as he is yet to gather his forces. Hotspur is told that the King has 30,000 men at his disposal which means the Hotspurs defeat is inevitable. However as his honor would have it, he intends to fight against odds.

Prince Hal is amused at Falstaff’s ragtag motley crew of troops at Coventry. Together with the main army led by Hal and his brother the Earl of Westmoreland they march to Shrewsbury to meet Hotspur in battle. In the rebel camp there is a disagreement of battle strategy among the hierarchy over whether they should attack at night or wait.

Henry sends his friend sir Walter Blunt with the offer of negotiation to avoid battle but Hotspur refuses but agrees to allow Worcester his uncle to speak with Henry in the morning. The shrewd Archbishop of York realizes the high stakes liable to be lost should the rebels fail. Even as he is doubtful of their success, his friend Sir Michael thinks otherwise.

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