Henry iv part 1 Summary Act III

The rebels decide upon the division of the kingdom in event of their success. An initial disagreement occurs between Hotspur and Glendower but they reach a compromise. Mortimer’s wife appears a much better wife to Mortimer than Hotspurs wife Kate to him. Kate does not show the intensity of love required from a wife.

King Henry scolds Prince Hal for his erroneous and wasting ways. He proclaims a warning to Hal that Hotspur will soon earn a bigger right to be King by popularity alone; earning the admiration of the people in the same manner Henry earned the support of the people when he dethroned Richard.

Hal reassures and pleases Henry by saying that he will make sure Hotspur is defeated. Meanwhile the Earl of Douglas along with the rebels have collected a large and powerful army at Shrewsbury which poses a large threat. Henry and Hal travel to Shrewsbury to meet them in battle.

The mistress of the Boars head Tavern demands that Falstaff pay up his bills but he does not have any money. Hal pays off his debts and places a reluctant Falstaff in charge of a regiment. Prince Hal organizes his army and makes ready for battle.

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