Henry iv part 1 Summary Act II

Prince Hal and his commoner friends have planned to start robbing carriages of wealthy people along a highway. Splitting into two groups, Falstaff, Gadshill, Bardolf and Peto rob travelers but end up getting robbed themselves by Prince Hal and Poins in disguise. They then travel to London on the group’s stolen horses leaving the other four to reach there walking.

Hotspur learns of a nobleman who will not join their cause and suspects he may reveal their plans to Henry.

Meanwhile Hal and Poins are at the Inn in London waiting to ridicule the rest of the group. Hal reveals how he abhors the title of being a Royal. He displays envy for Hotspur wishing to be like him. Falstaff arrives and the robbery revealed amidst much camaraderie even as Falstaff claims he suspected it was Prince Hal.

Hal gets news about the Hotspurs revolt against his father. He decides to install Falstaff as a leader of a group of soldiers as part of his troops to fight against the rebels.

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