Romeo and Juliet Summary Act II

Lady Capulet tries to cheer up Juliet when she hears about the match.  Romeo disguises his face with a mask and enters the party. Upon seeing Juliet, he falls in love instantly. He is recognized by Tybalt who is restrained by Lord Capulet from attacking Romeo. The revelation of family loyalties is rightly characterized by the ongoing choir which dramatizes the conflicts of love over family loyalty in the lovers.

Blinded by love Romeo is oblivious of danger. He scales the wall beneath Juliet’s balcony to woo her. Romeo is glad that Juliet loves him too and the couple plan to get married. Romeo has to wait for Juliet’s message in the morning as a go ahead. Preceding this scene we learn of some of Shakepear’s most famous metaphors as Romeo is captivated by Juliet’s beauty and compares her to the sun… It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.”  There is another sample of Shakespeare’s famous oxymorons as Romeo departs saying ‘Parting is such sweet sorrow” (II ii 184)

Romeo’s friend Friar Lawrence agrees to marry the couple thinking it may end the long bloody feud between the two families. Romeo receives Juliet’s message. In fact the messenger, Juliet’s nurse, gives Romeo some ropes to enable him to climb into her bed chamber later in the day. The couple then get married.

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